Another Oil Change, Thanks Chris!

This month I started something new which I’ll share with you in another day or so. Therefore, I was a little sore and not looking forward to getting under my car to change my oil as I do every so many thousands of miles. Chris was kind enough to pinch hit for me as long as I walked him through the process.

While Chris has changed brakes on our cars before, we couldn’t remember if he’d had ever done an oil change. I’ve been doing my own oil changes for over 3 years now since I bought this car, and Chris has had free oil changes for life from the dealer when he bought his car six or so years ago.

We had fun working together on this little project. The boys are always intrigued when I change my oil and offer to help out. This time was no different. They helped get paper towels or get the oil ready to put into the tank and what not.

Chris learning to change my car’s oil.

Changing the oil is never easy the first time around. I say that from experience! It was clunky trying to figure out the best process when I learned from my brother and then tried to do it myself. Chris did an excellent job!

Although, he could be quoted as saying to me, “It’s hard being a man…….. I don’t know how you do it!” 😉 Ah, I love this man.

Changing the oil has always been fun for me. I don’t know why, it’s not the most exciting task, but I always feel so accomplished that I can do it for myself. As with everything, every time I learn something new and can do for myself, it feels good.

So, go Chris! He can change my oil the next time though… right?!