It’s a New Day, It’s a New Lifestyle

Every time I turn around, things are changing. My body, my life, my schedule, our children; nothing seems to rapidly stay the same. As I’ve focused more on my health the past two years, I’ve gotten a lot under control. I feel so much better, but a few things were still out of place.

Over the past month, I’ve looked for ways to help improve my children’s wellbeing through activities or new adventures from hiking to cooking classes. We’ve now found a great new experience for Monkey to grow from, and with that it made me question my own health and growth. Where was the strong investment in my wellbeing?

Running landed back on my schedule this spring with a renewed hope toward getting to further distances, maybe a little faster, or just feeling the accomplishment from my runs and training. While I plodded along though, I found myself less interested in running and searching for something more, something different. I still plan to complete the races I’m signed up for, but have since decided to put adding any more to my calendar on the back burner.

After settling Monkey into his new experience, I wondered what was out there for me to do. For me to try, to push, to learn, or to grow. Sure, I learn a lot about everything on a regular basis, but I wanted a challenge and growth psychically. Running my regular old plans was getting stale.

It then dawned on me…

…I was the biggest person to say all of those who do this activity are crazy and it wasn’t going to be for me (but secretly, or not so secretly, I always said this was something I was afraid to try because I knew I’d like it so much it would be a hard financial pill to swallow…)

I decided to join Crossfit.

Yep. Me. The person who said Crossfit was crazy! Well, I do know some who went a bit crazy after joining. Don’t we all?

At the end of the day, it’s been something I would’ve liked to have tried years ago and probably stuck with, but our finances just couldn’t handle the cost a few years ago. We did, however, love doing the Insanity program after Monkey was born and I was into the T25 program for quite a while as well. Both of which I equate to being on the HIIT program scale similar to CF.

When I mentioned this idea to Chris he goes, “I look forward to you being a Crossfit addict!” How’s that for an awesome support!

Cut to today and I’m making a decent income from working a side hustle that I can easily afford to keep this out of the home budgetary concerns for the foreseeable future due to my saving that income wholeheartedly knowing something would come up I’d like to use it for! Old habits of frugalness for the win, even if I just inflated my lifestyle a tiny bit 🙂

When I considered how much I was spending on my children to experience and push themselves, I thought, why am I not offering that to myself as well? Why not be the example I’d like them to learn from?

I located a wonderful and highly rated Crossfit box near our home. A co-worker of mine has talked about it for years and knows a ton of people who go there. They were offering a Groupon to try it out (I signed up for the max, 2 months, on it, knowing I’d like it) and started two weeks ago!

From the first workout, I was hooked. I could completely see all the reasons people like Crossfit. I can say though that the community and the box make it what it is. If I hadn’t been welcomed in the first workout and encouraged by new acquaintances in consecutive workouts, I am not sure I would’ve liked it as much. I didn’t feel intimidated, nor awful for having to start out with scaling the workouts. The trainers are great, helpful, and knowledgeable. I also went in with the idea that I’m here to work out and do the best for myself, so there’s no need to compare to anyone else.

I wouldn’t recommend Crossfit to someone who doesn’t have the basic concept of weightlifting understood. There are great on-ramp programs at different boxes and lots of program options. Having come from a background of being a certified personal trainer in college and working in a gym before, I have a good grasp on form and function during workouts. When I don’t understand a move due to their acronyms, the trainers have been helpful to teach as well as monitor my form.

I cannot lift anywhere near what is posted, but no one cares. You workout here and you do you. There is no pressure to go heavier than you are comfortable with. The trainers have helped me scale back the workouts to what works for my body.

I also have a pretty good backbone when it comes to knowing my limits and I’m not competitive… yet? It’s the sports team from your yesteryear without being on an actual sports team. While you workout without really interacting, it’s like being in a shared experience at the end. It’s hard to explain, but this podcast is a good one to give you more insight that shed some light for me.

So far, this box seems like a great fit for my needs, my goals, and my personality. I can try to keep to myself, but it never ends up that way. I’ve met a few new people to connect with outside the box already and I look forward to seeing what comes my way in new fitness challenges. Not everyone is super friendly, but there’s always one person who’s been kind. And if not, that’s fine, I’m there to get my sweat on 🙂 I never made any friends at any gym I’ve ever been a part of and typically was happy about that!

I haven’t had the guts to take any pictures inside the box yet of my workouts, but I’m sure that day will come for my own memory’s sake. I was in the background of a post on IG from the box ;D I feel as though this type of workout will challenge my body in new ways that it needs and keep me motivated for some time to come. I love a challenge and this brings something different every day.

My third workout was a “Hero” workout as it is called, the Morrison. That was definitely tough, but also enjoyable because at the end I felt pretty awesome. The soreness in my muscles resonates with my previous long distance running passions, and it reminds me of my older days of sports team competitions. I was never the best athlete, but with this functional type of workout I hope to be the best I can be.

Lifting heavy laundry baskets up the stairs has already proven to be much easier in two weeks. I’ll take that as a win! My goals are minimal compared to most, but finally having good upper body strength is feeling great so far.

My goal is to workout 4 times per week at the box, as that fits our schedule. I may do some of their WODs (workout of the day) at home as they post them online the night before. I love the hard work and the accomplishment that comes with a good session.

A lot of reviews online talk about pressing people to become paleo or being totally against long distance running, but that’s not my experience here. For me, I’m already mostly paleo/keto anyway because being gluten-free is the hardest thing most people have to do on all of these popular diets. I have to do that just to survive! It appears everyone supports running as well, as others I’ve talked to have done lots of the local races I’ve mentioned having done before.

Now you know why I had Chris change my car oil… my body is still adapting to this new soreness and I just needed a day to recover without climbing under my car.

Here’s to becoming a Crossfit addict… if I haven’t done so already.