My first month at Crossfit

I’ve completed my first full month at crossfit and definitely have seen some progress in how much I’m able to do and how my body is starting to change. Here’s a breakdown of how many days I’ve worked out this past month (the prior month I believe I ran 1-2 times, that’s it!):

My goal was to try to get there 3-4 times per week to workout, with most likely 3 days on max (two weeks I did 4 in a row!). The way their scheduled groups works it makes me accountable to being there when I say I’m going to be there. I also sign up a week in advance for all the classes to fit my schedule so I’m accountable for the days when I just feel like it might be too hard or I’m not in the mood to push myself.

The best thing about crossfit is the community. I know a lot of people say that and I can see why they do. My box is absolutely full of awesome and inspiring people of all levels. I’d say a good majority are friendly and welcoming, and I’ve made a few new good friends who I’ve met up without outside of working out already!

Crossfit was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I have wanted to do it for years, but was hindered by the cost. It’s not inexpensive, but I look at it as putting good funds towards my health instead of prescriptions as I age.

In addition, everyone there is relatively health conscious (not ridiculously, as they love donuts and brews!) and it’s a good environment to get my health back on track. Being surrounded by like minded people has been wonderful.

I’ve been encouraged to be more active on Instagram sharing all kinds of fun workouts and life experiences since I’ve been connecting there with a majority of my new crossfit friends! If you want to keep up with my daily happenings, I’m @katenesi on IG. Just follow me and I’ll add you since I’m keeping it private for now 🙂

It’s hard to talk workouts, conditioning, running, or healthy eats with most people. They just aren’t interested. Years ago I found great running buddies, and this is akin to finding new workout buddies to keep me going.

While I do still get nervous before the Workout of the Day, I am able to scale it to fit my needs and without judgement. The trainers have been great to suggest alternatives or modifications and I’m rarely ever the only one modifying. Plus, with these workouts they’ll never be boring nor will they ever get easier. You’re always in charge of how much more you want to push yourself.

Chris built this awesome pull-up bar!

We’ve been encouraged by my new found passion even within our household. Chris built a pull-up bar in our backyard we’ve all been practicing on. And we decided to get the boys (and we climb, too) a dome like I used to play on as a kid.

The first 3 weeks of crossfit I didn’t watch what I was eating too much because the goal was to overcome my fears and form a new habit. Now that I and my family have adjusted to my scheduled workout times I am able to focus on cleaning up what I eat.

While I eat fairly healthy, mostly I ate way too much or too often. I’ve cut out snacks in the mid morning and focused on increased protein intake. That has satiated me and now I skip evening snacks for a sparkling water instead. I’ve been slowly heading in the right direction and I feel a difference.

In six months (or less many crossfit ladies tell me) I will be far stronger than ever before and my goal is to hit my goal weight range. That’ll put me around November, and I know it’ll feel great to finally be back to my old self and size again. The mental challenges of crossfit are just what I loved about running before and what I needed back in my life.

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2 thoughts on “My first month at Crossfit

  1. oh geez. we lost another runner to the cult?! hey, i’m happy you found something that keeps you interested and motivated. i don’t know if you’ve been following along much, but i found this great consistency the past 6 months running on the work treadmill. the first couple of months not much happened but i’m glad i continued and i lost 20+ pounds just this year and have gotten incrementally faster just by going every day for 20 minutes. i even ran 3.0 in 17:38 on the treadmill the other day and signed up for a 5k race this weekend. we’ll see how it goes.

    keep up the great work, kate. i’ll be checking in on the ‘gram from time to time.

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