Still Enjoying Crossfit!

Even though I have been absent from this blog for a bit longer than I anticipated originally when I decided to take a few days off, which turned into a month, I’ve been happily plugging along with my new workout routine despite its continual difficulty and mega sweat sessions.

I actually couldn’t wait to get back to working out after we went on our cruise. I missed the intensity, to some extent, and even tried to work out on the ship on the rockiest of days on the boat to end up a bit more seasick than when I started!

I am still enjoying going to Crossfit about 3-4 times per week. I try not to do more than 3 days in a row without taking a day off, but some weeks the workouts have been varied enough that I’ve snuck in a 4th day in a row. My goal is to go at the very least 12 times per month, but most months thus far I’ve made it about 16-18 times.

While I am working out so much more than I was running before, I haven’t lost any weight quite yet.

I knew I would put on muscle, which weighs more than fat, so I’m hoping that’s mainly the case here. The first month I did find myself eating more food out of hunger, and this past month I’ve been indulging too much in the sweets. So, out of three months, I’ve been not eating to the best of my ability just yet.

Each week I set out with a focus, but it quickly falls apart as meetups with friends, changes in our schedule or other stressors get me eating more than I’d like to be! I do long for a regular routine when we’re back at school, I eat so much better during the school year on a schedule!

Since I started Crossfit, there have been other positive changes despite the lack of a diminishing scale number. I have seen more muscle and strength in my legs and my upper body. My arms are able to lift quite a lot more, and things that were once heavy feel easier to carry, such as my paddleboard. I actually enjoy looking down at the little bit of bicep muscle peeking through.

In addition, I’ve felt a little more confident in my body, despite still having a belly that flops around, I have gotten back to wearing slightly shorter shorts instead of mom-jean-high-rise-shorts, and have been open to letting it all hang out at various times at the gym or doing yardwork at home.

I’m there kicking my behind, who cares if I’ve got a little jelly in my belly, I’m doing the hard work! I have more energy and I have more optimism that I’ll be able to achieve a stronger physique that I’ve always known my body to be able to build.

It took me some time to figure out correct body mechanics to rid myself of knee pain. The box I go to is great, but it’s definitely a good “second gym” as someone had said to me when I joined. They do show you everything, but it’s really up to you to understand how your body works. Previously, I did have a certificate in personal training and love human biology, so other than lunges I was pretty spot on.

Even in a barbell class, the trainer said I was near perfection for a first-timer on the power clean and such! I know my body mechanics for lifting weights, just not as good with bodyweight exercises. I had just been so used to running and those mechanics, I pretty much let it go with everything until it bothered me.

What I learned was that I wasn’t using my gluteus maximus quite enough in squats, and for the life of me never was able to lunge all these years because I never used my behind to lift up my body. I always relied on my knees and therefore my entire life I just avoided lunges!

After research on good ol’ YouTube, as I went down the rabbit hole of fixing knee pain I discovered how to do lunges properly which were a bit different than I was trying before. Once I started squeezing it all together, my knee pain was vanishing!

Hence, I went from using knee sleeves to doing quite a lot of the workouts now without knee sleeves needed. I can kneel on the ground without pain most days, wahoo! And I now squeeze my booty every rep instead of relying on my knee joints to do the work.

A little muscle growing on the shoulders there!

Crossfit gets a bad rap, but truly it’s a good place and the group I joined is really wonderful. I didn’t sign-up to make friends but to get myself in gear and put myself to the fire to get it together before I got to far gone since losing weight has been a struggle for years since birthing that Crab baby. I wanted a challenge, and I definitely found it. Even as I get scared to go sometimes!

I think with any sport you do, there is a possibility of injury or “doing it wrong” and the more you learn, the better you are. I ran for YEARS with knee issues and then figured out what worked for my running gait (barefoot running made all the difference, and now I stick with zero-drop shoes).

So yeah, CrossFit is cultish, but I like being a part of a community now. I never felt comfortable in any running group, and yet here, I feel so good. People ask when I’m going to be there, and others say hello every time we are in the same class. Not every day is a success, but someone always says, “Great job!” even when I barely could handle the lightest of weights or have had extremely bad days after getting glutened.

Sometimes, I’m still shocked by what I see in the mirror. Some clothes make me look a little thinner, sometimes I feel like I have the tiniest of heads on this ginormous body. I’ve never been this big, and I don’t plan to stay here any longer at this size. It’s uncomfortable.

And yes, I made another new friend at Crossfit and it’s been fun! We did a partner workout together for the first time a few weeks ago (which encouraged me to skip a 5 mile running race I never trained for because I loved CF so much!).

Now I feel like I’m getting out there, making new friends who are on a similar journey to health or are inspiring for how hard they work to keep themselves healthy. It’s finally a group of people who have the mindset I had for so many years before having children. I wish I would’ve found them before children, I can only imagine how fit I would be.

Alas, I am where I am now and just have to work from here. Monkey has said he’s seen my belly get smaller, but he also points out I’ve got a long way to go. Most of the work ahead is in food/nutrition, and there my friends is where I must now focus since I have gotten the workout habit on point!