So, Scooters happened.

I mentioned in my recap of our cruise that we had a lot of fun on scooters around Bermuda. While I have ridden scooters in Bermuda before, it was Chris’ first time and he absolutely loved it!

For years now, I’ve said to Chris I wanted to save up to get a Vespa or something similar. We live in a beachy town, with quite a lot to do locally, just as they do in the islands. A lot of people travel to our area to vacation, so as Chris likes to say, “We live where other people vacation!”

Hence, it’s an easy place to get around on a scooter, or as we have for years by bicycle. In addition, I’ve ridden my bicycle to work before and a scooter would afford me great gas mpg to go to work than my RAV4, especially as the boys get older and drop-off/pick-up is far less necessary.

After our adventure on the island, I decided the next day to research local shops who sold scooters. In our state, a low-mph scooter no longer requires a motorcycle license if you have a drivers license. I researched what was available and we went to take a look at a local business called of all things… Island Scooters!

The owner, Greg, there was great. They answered all of our questions and knew a lot about the scooters as I would hope they would! We chose to look there first because they were focused solely on scooters and not Harley’s or other motorcycles. While I now plan to get my motorcycle license, at the time we weren’t looking to go down that road.

We were considering just getting one scooter to share, but in the end, we ended up getting two!

If we were to buy one, it would’ve most likely just been my own scooter. Chris and I were pulling from our savings from our side hustles (which of now I have 3!) and we pooled our incomes to buy both at a good deal. We also had them install seat rests for the kids, picked up helmets and included delivery to our home.

I rode on the back of a scooter with the owner and knew it wasn’t something I’d be willing to do on the back of a scooter with Chris. I also knew he wasn’t going to ride on the back of a scooter with me! Which is what made us go for two 🙂

Plus, we’d like to go out together on them when we can, and when the boys get a little bigger (Monkey can ride, Crab can’t just yet) we can all go out together. The plan was eventually two scooters, we just got the second one early, hehe.

The kids were super excited we bought scooters! Monkey loved doing short videos of us riding and narrating us going up and down the street.

In the end, it has proven to be a great purchase thus far. We get about 80-90 mpg for the 1+ gallon tank it holds. They run well, and they feel safe. We have taken to taking back roads and slower streets than normal to local places, but we did that before by bicycle anyway. I do look forward to riding this in the fall to work on days I don’t have to pick up the kids from school and when it’s a bit cooler outside!

This isn’t a frugal purchase, but our scooters were half the cost of a Vespa including registration, title, insurance, etc. In addition, they’ll last us many years, are lower maintenance than a car, and get better mpg by 4x what our cars get. And lastly, we hustle ourselves quite a bit on the side, so this didn’t hit a penny of our house money (otherwise this would’ve been a no go!).

So far, this summer I’ve gone from not planning to keep the second job this past year, to continuing with the second job, picking up a side hustle, and then growing it into a second side hustle between two companies. It’s amazing how much we fit in and still have so much free time to enjoy our family.

Life is good… except when the power goes out! More on that soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “So, Scooters happened.

  1. Wow! I’ve kind of always wanted a Vespa. They just seem so efficient, stylish and fun. Recently that desire has turned more into wanting an electric bike, but I’m still jealous. You got the best color, too. Now you just have to get the matching helmet!

  2. Thanks Norm! I got a white helmet along with it, they didn’t have any colors 🙂 These scooters were half the cost of a Vespa and I figured long term we will probably switch to electric scooters when they come out in good time in the next decade or so, haha. Not too many options other than e bikes right now, but we needed a little more speed/options to go further. Thanks for stopping by! Get one!

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