Cook Once, Eat All Week

This isn’t a book review, but I wanted to share that I came across this book idea from a post on Instagram or maybe on Amazon somewhere or a blog about meal planning… I can’t remember.

I watched @FedandFit’s IG channel for prepping these meals and fell in love with the simplicity and the ease of planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking. Even Chris found it easy to help prep the first week and pickup making one of the meals from the book.

So far, I’ve been trying to incorporate if anything more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I stopped buying gluten-free laden junk like nuggets and pizza and wanted an easy way to start getting the good stuff back into our meal plans. This book has been super simple to follow, easy to shop for, and the first week of meals were delicious.

The first week was a Chicken Stir-Fry, which had a slightly lighter flavor and not super intense which was easy to get the kids to try it.

A Chicken Chili which was a little odd for summertime, but I enjoyed it anyway. I can see this being great for fall and winter!

And a BBQ Chicken Casserole that included riced broccoli. I loved the flavor, but next time I need to show Chris how to shred chicken so it’s not so small. He did an excellent job prepping so much for this week though and the flavors were great though!

I can see myself benefiting from this book in ways of a new set of healthier recipes, easier cooking methods, and prep or planning. I definitely see it working well for the school year to have fresh, healthy dinners on the table each night and delicious lunches to pack for school for Chris and I. It’s quite like getting a box from one of those home prep places, just you prep it ahead of time and only get the kitchen appliances really dirty once!

Overall, I’d recommend checking out the book and the various social media where she shows prep. It was super simple, and we’re looking to do week two next week once a few events are out of the way this week! It does make quite a lot of food, especially with two little kids who don’t eat as much, and I felt full after every meal. It’ll also incorporate different vegetables/proteins that we normally don’t eat or try, but nothing too out of the ordinary!

Now it’s time to try to enjoy being outdoors in all this heat!