Lake Oscawana, NY

This summer we visited Chris’ aunt for a day up in NY state on Lake Oscawana. It’s a fun little trip that takes a few hours to get to on winding roads, but once we’re there we enjoy the view and the waterway.

This was before we lost power, little did we know what the next few days would bring! It was super hot, so I eventually ended up in the water despite my desire not to go into the lake. You know, fish and all…

I eventually went into the water, but I don’t like to walk in so I go off the dock to keep my feet above the muddy lake floor below. I didn’t plan to go in, so I didn’t bring my water shoes which were a mistake.

I’m not afraid of sharks or anything chewing my leg or hands-off, but if a fish touches my foot (or seaweed) I’m high-tailing it out of there!

I believe it stems from a time when my siblings teased me about tropical fish that were going to eat me when we were on a beach in Bermuda growing up… I can still feel those fish nibbling my toes as I type!

They probably forgot they did that, kids being kids, but whew, I’ve worked fervently to get over that fear and try my best not to place it on my children.

My little one Crab is like a crab. That boy will go anywhere and is a daredevil in and out of the water. Monkey is a little more reserved like I am with the water, but I eventually convinced him as I did in Bermuda, to go in and swim a little.

It’s fun, I just never like driving those winding mountain roads in the dark!