Scootering Around Town

Everything’s a bit out of order, but I tried to put these posts in some sort of combination that made sense for the topic and the photos. With our new scooters, I’ve been riding pretty much anywhere I can and it is so nice not to watch my gas tank sink to empty so often in the summer on my RAV4.

Gas for our scooters is about $3.00~ for the premium and the tank is just about 1~ gallon. We get 80-90 miles per gallon which are 3-4 times what our cars most likely get the real-world applications. This alone makes me happy that we bought these new modes of transport because I now have a fuel-efficient way to get around for most tasks I do on my own.

The place I have been going to the most this summer is my CrossFit box several days per week. It’s about 5-6 miles from our house. While I’ve ridden my bike to that town’s beaches it’s a bit much to consider riding home from the workouts. I’m lucky some days I can get off the floor 🙂

I am not in any shape to do that right now, but maybe next summer! Although, I enjoy drying off in the wind on the ride home.

Another place I’ve decided to frequent this summer with my scooter is the Library! Oh, how much I love libraries and have not used our library as much as I should have the past few years. I loved our old library in our previous town so much (a bit newer and had a better budget), but our current library is still pretty fantastic and they do their best with the resources they have. Plus, they’ve kindly bought books I’ve requested, so thanks Library!

Riding to the library is pretty easy since we live in a good area with lots of side streets, low mph roads, and easy highway crossings, we pretty much can get anywhere by scooter. Our route may have to be off the beaten path a bit, but otherwise, we’ve found good routes to all of our local favorite places.

I found some great ideas online about building a cheap back basket for our scooters (I couldn’t fathom the $40 metal basket price in addition to it all!). We use milk crates on our bicycles, so we just modified an idea I found online. Chris cut wood pieces to fit above/below the crate and got long screws and wing nuts for ease of putting it on and off as needed.

My mom loves that I use my orange milk crate (I use it on my bicycle, too) because it’s bright and she says then other drivers see me easily! I agree 🙂

One day recently, we managed to get Grandma to watch our children for a short time so we could scooter over to the local brewery that offers the only gluten-free fresh craft beer to me that isn’t an hour and a half drive! They only offer one tap of it on rotation, but luckily all I need is a little taster cup 🙂

Our scooters have gotten much attention with questions every time we go somewhere or stop off to a local business. We hope to encourage more people to consider riding scooters, if not bicycles, to get around!