Summer Funtimes

We’ve had quite a bit of fun this summer with our adventure to Bermuda, buying scooters, then we had an out of town guest, my aunt from Florida, visiting, then the power outage… It’s been a nonstop summer this year, much as the same I’m sure everyone else is having 🙂

Chris and I have been to Florida to stay with my aunt and uncle many years in a row. Monkey has been to visit her 3 of those times, but Crab hasn’t gone since he was in my belly the last time we were able to make it down there!

Luckily, my aunt and uncle come up from time to time to spend a few days staying with my mom and to reminiscence about the good ol’ days we had fun in the neighborhood. My aunt/uncle and my parents lived two houses apart for several years when they all first got married, and then a few blocks apart for many many years before my relatives moved their family to Florida.

With the new scooters, the boys have been dying to go for a ride on them. While Monkey can safely reach the pegs for a ride around town or wherever we’d like to take him, Crab has to wait a bit longer to go for a ride until he’s taller.

With that said, we couldn’t just get on a helmet, so we bought each of them a helmet as we await Crab’s eventual growth into it all!

I love their helmets though. They were pretty inexpensive considering how safe they’d keep these little precious bundles of joy.

I require my entire family to wear bicycle helmets as well. Chris tries to skirt my helmet rule for adults (legally, over 18 no one has to wear a helmet in our state), but I always call him out on it and so do the kiddos. Why not wear a helmet for the slight discomfort or sweat equals a ridiculous amount of life-saving that could come during an accident. Though, I think I need a new bicycle helmet because my old one’s pads are dry-rotting.

How is your summer going? Anything fun?