Every Day I’m Hustlin’

Remember that time I said I wasn’t going to work at my second job anymore? Well, that only lasted not even a semester, whoops!

I tried my best not to pick up shifts during the fall semester last year in 2018. I managed to make it to November, but they needed help and I felt like I could handle a few nights. It was no problem, so I signed up a for a few nights in the spring semester, which was fine as well.

(Note: For this role, I’m an adjunct college academic research librarian to help students work on their research papers.)

I’ve just found, I enjoy the work and it’s easy enough, but I don’t like to do it when the weather is beautiful out, or when I am having a great time with my children and have to leave them. So, I try to now look at doing it in the winter months for a few nights as they need help and when it won’t mess with our schedule too much.

Ummmm… except as I’m writing this I’m working my first full 8-hour shift here in the summer no less! I usually only work 3-4 hour shifts max. I don’t mind, it’s a little extra cash in the middle of the summer with this and a few other scheduled days indoors, but man I did not plan this one well! It’s the day after we went to a concert, so I would’ve LOVED to have slept in and scootered around with Chris to grab a nice lunch before picking up the boys. #facepalm

The positive side, sometimes’s it’s pretty slow, so I can use the time to write blog posts, work on projects, or read books!

Chris works as a professor two nights a week during the school year (in addition to us both working full-time jobs) and has picked up another announcing position for a few football games this fall.

He used to announce all types of sports games before children, but it was too much season after season for him to not be home all day, night, and weekends at times. So, the professor position worked out well and he turned down announcing jobs for a few years now.

We’re loosening up a little, Chris more than I, on our schedule to allow more money to flow in by gigs, hustles, and second jobs. It’s just in our nature to have multiple sources of income and we’ve never been able to stop. Especially given all we’ve been through in the last decade or more together financially, we just like to err on the side of caution to rake it in when we can.

Currently, I work full-time in a high school, part-time at a college, side hustle of this blog which brings in some income, a side hustle managing a friend’s business, and newly a CFO/Marketing side hustle for the same friend as well.

Chris works full-time in a high school, part-time professor at a college (fall, spring, and now summer!), side hustle of his podcast editing gigs, announcing sports, and announcing the fair. Every time I turn around, he’s managed to find a new source of income and I have a hard time saying, “No, pass that one up.” He’s really turned from a daily-sub making pennies to a powerhouse for our family and I love him for it.

It seems the universe is trying to help us the best it can, and we are so grateful and try to be careful at the same time to save, invest, pay down our house, and still splurge every now and then.

So yeah, it’s hard to quit the opportunity to make extra money. Chris seems to have more freedom in his ability to sign-up for extra hours, but I try to keep things as simple as possible so I can be there for my kiddos as much as I can. Which luckily, most of my work allows me to be with them almost every hour they are out of school and awake!

It gets tough during the school year to eat 7 weekly dinners together (we manage about 4-5), but we make up for it with summers off and 24 hours a day to give to our household for 8-10 weeks!

How about you? Has a side hustle or second job kept you coming back for more?

2 thoughts on “Every Day I’m Hustlin’

  1. hi kate. i worked a ton of overtime years ago to help put us in a good financial position. i don’t do it any more really but the hay is already in the barn on needing to do it. we do a lot of ebay but only stuff that has decent value. we don’t mess with those 3 and 5 dollar items. cheers.

  2. Thanks for sharing Freddy! Yes, my hope is that later in life it’ll pay off well and we’ll be able to enjoy our later years with ease for all the work we do now. Also, we don’t feel like it’s too much, so we’re kind of happy to work while we can with health, time, and energy!

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