The Vacuum Podcast!

I’m hoping that by the time this post goes live that Monkey will have another episode of The Vacuum Podcast out for you to listen to!!

Monkey has been a passionate kid about vacuums since the age of 2 years old. He knows every brand, type, use, inner workings, options, add-ons, accessories, and all there is to know about vacuums. I know more about vacuums than I ever cared to know, and notice vacuums everywhere I go now.

If you want to listen to a kiddo who loves vacuums and send in any questions you have – visit his show:

The teaser trailer is out now, but Chris and Monkey are working on a bunch of new episodes this summer. Monkey designed his logo (drew it on paper), has written up show ideas and topics, as well as has started to write his show notes as he’s recording new episodes. He’s’ really working hard and I think he’s ready to make this a fun new project.

Previously, Monkey has recorded videos of himself unboxing vacuums and doing demos, but we never felt comfortable putting his videos out to the public and he always said he’d just like Grandma to watch them. So, now he has a way to share his intimate knowledge of vacuums (much like I encourage Chris to start a podcast about Educational Technology) and maybe he’ll connect with other passionate vacuum aficionados!

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “The Vacuum Podcast!

  1. OK, I had to subscribe to this. Too hilarious. The world needs more super-specific 5 minute podcasts. I look forward to gaining some vacuum knowledge.

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