A Quick Recap.

Whew, I cannot believe we’re halfway through September and on the back end of it already. We had quite the busy end to our summer, then we jumped right into the back-to-school chaos the fall brings. We’re finally settling into our routines again, which feels awesome.

I thought I’d have more time to write a bit more about our adventures and happenings the last few weeks, but instead, I’ll settle for a quick recap to share. When I make the time, more to come!

The end of August saw our family on a trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando, with extended family. The boys had a great time despite a ton of walking and quite a bit of heat. Their favorite parts were the pool at the resort (we stayed at the Polynesian) and of course, all the pizza and chicken fingers they could desire.

One of the days Monkey and I were able to slip away for a visit to the Animal Kingdom. Monkey still says his most favorite part of the trip was going on the Kilimanjaro Safari. That was surprising since he’s hasn’t been a huge fan of animals, but this was definitely a different adventure than walking around an aquarium. We’ll have to try the local large zoos soon!

Crab had a crazy time going on all the rides that would scare me! He absolutely wildly LOVED the Tower of Terror. He went on it twice! This guy is a force to be reckoned with, his courageousness is inspiring.

Once we returned home, it was all about getting into our routines prepping food for the week and trying new foods. Crab found he really likes red peppers while helping me set them up for roasting.

We also attempted a gluten-free homemade bread. The yeast in this loaf didn’t proof well, so it wasn’t the best loaf of bread I’ve made. We tried again another day and yum!

Most of our summer was spent enjoying our new scooters. Between Chris and I, we put over 800 miles on them. Imagine if the 80 mpg mileage dropped to a 25 mpg mileage on all those miles using cars and we saved quite a lot of money using these scooters. Plus, they are just so darn fun!

This summer didn’t see us making any large projects happen, but we managed in the last few weeks of summer to finalize a few small projects. I was able to finally convince Chris to put in raise farm beds along our longest fence line. My suburban farm is a reality!

I think the ride in Disney, “Living on the Land” was inspiring for Chris to see all of the food production contraptions. Also, it helped that our neighbor removed her fence on the other side of ours (we knew she was going to, so we put ours in first so she didn’t have to put up that side), and our chihuahua Jeter kept digging out to escape under the fence.

Thank you Jeter for making this project happen sooner than later to block off your exits!

With all that, our 12 year wedding anniversary happened this month! We can’t believe it’s been that long, and we’re grateful to still call each other a best friend. Our doing Crossfit together has also given us something more in common than our day jobs to talk about and it’s been fun seeing each other grow in new ways.

For our anniversary, we took a scooter ride to dinner and enjoyed dessert. What a nice way to spend the afternoon together, riding in style, and letting the wind breeze by.

Chris created two new desks for the boys of his own design. He created the top wooden piece of his own imagination and the layout of the desks underneath. He’s come so far from learning how to just chop wood to making beautiful furniture pieces. How gorgeous is that?! It’s even prettier in person.

And, back to cooking. Each Sunday we have a prep day where we put together all of the food for the week. My new favorite cookbook, “Cook Once, Eat All Week” has helped curb the chaos and make shopping super easy. Now, we have tons of great simple meals and leftovers for lunches. The boys have come to try a lot of new vegetables and have actually liked them!

So, there you have it. The past month has been about food, fitness, and fun in our family. A lot of shared time together has been great since this fall things always get a little wild when it comes to our schedule. We’ve found having Crossfit to commit to has really grounded us in our time together after school, working out, and making several nights a week important for family dinner time.

How about you? How is your fall shaping up?

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  1. some day we’ll move out of snowy buffalo and become a scooter family. i always wanted to roll that way and it does look like fun. that desk is a really nice looking piece. while you were at disney we were in the mountains of n.y. state enjoying a week of peaceful bliss…and a lot of food and wine. fall is my favorite season and it feels like we’re back in a pretty good groove too. cheers!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Freddy! If anything, just visit warm places and rent scooters when you go 🙂 That just makes all the wonderful weather that much more fun 🙂 Your travel sounds nice and relaxing as well, so much cooler I bet, too!

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