Recusing Baby Birds

This fall has been a whirlwind of one thing after another. Such is how it goes once the school year starts. We have been plugging away at work, working out at Crossfit, and keeping our household running smoothly. I don’t always have the motivation to write like I used to, as I’m trying to find my new groove with all that I’m trying to accomplish.

A few weeks ago, a baby bird flew right into our bedroom window to land on our deck on it’s back and looked like it was pretty zonked! I quickly ran downstairs to help it, made sure to put a glove on, and it seemed quite happy to just sit in my hands for a while.

I offered it a warm towel to snuggle in and some water, while its parents squawked hovering around nearby. I left it on a table in on the back deck warmed up and hoped it would find it’s way wherever it needed to go. It laid there for some time, but eventually, when I had left to go to yoga, it flew away and hopefully all is wonderful in its world!

I was going to look up how to care for it if it was still on our deck when I came home, but luckily it was not. I think it was happy to snuggle with me, but I am glad it decided to head back out into the wild world.

We get a lot of red cardinals around our home, and for me, they have been a reminder of my Dad since he passed. He loved his red convertible Sunfire car and it always reminds me of him. When I saw it was a red cardinal that hit our window I immediately thought of him!

Strange how we apply thoughts to events or symbols in our daily life. My Dad has been with us for many large decisions through this symbol oddly enough, and they didn’t start to appear around us for some time into our lives in our new home. Putting out sunflower seeds in our birdfeeder has helped *wink wink* 🙂