Working Out, Whole30, and a Triathlon

In the spirit of brevity, I’m just going to give you a quick recap again of what I’ve been up to these days.

When I haven’t been able to make it to a scheduled Crossfit class, I’ve been using their open gym times to get my workouts in.

Last week, Chris bought a new car, so that messed up our schedule a bit with selling his old car first, then driving to buy his new car. Luckily, all the deals were done in advance, so all in all, the sale took a few minutes, and the purchase just an hour for paperwork. He bought a hybrid which will be a huge saving for his commute!

In other not so fun news, I almost quit working out altogether over a week ago. My body was breaking down, my mind was overthinking things, and I was just falling apart internally and externally. I decided after reflecting far too much about it to not give up and shift my mindset. I met with a trainer at the gym who I admire, and will be on my podcast soon! We talked about where my issues lied and figured out that a lot of it was mental.

I hadn’t approached Crossfit like a sport prior to our conversation. I didn’t want to look at it as being any more than a crosstraining activity to advance my goals with running. As the spring running race emails started to pour in for discounts this fall, I started to question what I’m doing. Why am I doing this? Is it making a difference? Will this help my running? Can I run AND do Crossfit?

After five months, I haven’t lost the weight I had hoped, but I also know the reasons being. While I was pushing myself 3-4 times per week in the gym, I allowed other habits to become a sticking point for me. My body has become more solid (which adds weight), and in due time with adjustments will be leaner I am confident.

The good thing is that I didn’t give up, on myself or anything else for that matter. I took about 24 hours off before deciding to return to my weekly schedule of classes and adjust my mindset. I am also reconfiguring my schedule to include running again and finding that despite not having any dedicated regular running routine that my run times are improving!

As we’ve always enjoyed getting out and active, I’ve made time this fall to go on random walks with the baby guys to explore our waterway. They love to climb and do what I did down by the water when I was a kid!

Big news… not really that big, but I decided to commit to the Whole30 for a month. I was reaching a point where my body wasn’t feeling wonderful, my mind was a ball of knots, and every time I turned around food was triggering some sort of symptoms deep down inside that would wipe me out for days. Too many new foods. Too much experimenting! I just felt like poo.

So, my box was doing a Whole30 challenge, but I knew we had a few events coming up that would be an issue for my scheduling the Whole30. I opted to wait a week while prepping and eating mostly Whole30 prior to starting it.

Here’s some of the prep work that went into my meals last week, and I made it happen again this week as well. I’m all ready for lunches, snacks, breakfast, and ideas for dinners. When I have meals cooked in advance, I eat so well all week and don’t feel deprived at all.

Last week was grilled chicken, tomatoes, and olive oil for lunch with grapes and carrots for a snack. This week is taco beef mixed with cooked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, and carrots for lunch, and apples with grapes and a homemade caramel (coconut-based) for snacks).

The reason I didn’t do the Whole30 starting with the rest of the group was that we had a Gluten-Free Allergy-Friendly Nourished Food Expo to go to over this past weekend. I ate Whole30 all last week, but I knew it would be silly to go to an expo and not try new foods within the realm of the elimination diet. That’s the whole point of the expo!

The expo has been a fun event to go to and try all sorts of foods and find out about upcoming options from traditional brands in a safe environment. I suggested we go every other year or two in order not to go too often where there isn’t too much new from year to year. This year we brought the kids who enjoyed trying all the pizza, brownies and cookies they could taste!

And the next day, fingers crossed, I was hoping I wouldn’t fall ill from all the variety of foods the day before because I competed as part of a Triathlon Relay Team to support Autism Awareness.

I competed with two friends, Karen and Melissa. Karen swam the 1/4 mile ocean swim, Melissa rode her bike for a whopping 10.6 miles, and I ran the 5k portion at the end of the relay.

We won for our being the only female-only triathlon relay team! That was fun to win a little award for just showing up 🙂 In addition, I ran my fastest 5k time in the past year (or maybe even longer) as I’ve been super slow so I was proud I pushed it a little harder.

My pep talk above with the trainer helped me remember how much I have inside I can pull from, as well as not to be limited by the illnesses that have presented themselves this year. While I may have two crappy auto-immune diseases, I can manage them primarily with food and I am so very blessed to be able to do so.

It’s been a year of grieving for my old life and trying to accept this new life, but I’m making strides. I was somewhat devastated I would never again enjoy a simple slice of pizza with a beer again like everyone else who doesn’t have to think twice about it! I’m embracing this new lifestyle that has chosen me (I sure haven’t chosen it!) and finding new ways to enjoy life without feeling restricted.

The Whole30 is actually pretty easy for me to stick with, as I cannot consume gluten which I think might be the hardest part for others. I also cannot consume eggs or tree nuts that are included, so my world of options is limited, but it’s limited to what we actually should be eating: meat/protein, vegetables, and fruits! So far, so good… many more days to go.

I did discover on a jaunt to look for non-alcoholic beverages as I’ve decided to give that up lately as well (it just doesn’t feel good for my body as it’s healing), and I found that non-alcoholic hop-waters are all the rage and coming to the scene. I haven’t found them often, but when I do, I make sure to get a bunch as Chris likes the hop-water as well! (It’s basically brewed hops like you’d brew a tea, with no sugar, fermentation, and with added carbonation). Zero everything, with a hint of a hoppy taste.

What are you up to?

4 thoughts on “Working Out, Whole30, and a Triathlon

  1. I totally understand you. Work is tough. Also, that organic ghee in the fridge looks amazing! Where did you find that? I haven’t been able to find organic ghee anywhere. For us, we’re eating keto (been about a month now). We feel amazing & can even skip meals without feeling hungry when the schedule is too busy to eat. The husband injured his shoulder, I’ve been doing a kettlebell workout at home daily, and things are going.

  2. That’s great Mrs. Finance! I bought the Organic Ghee at Wegmans. I feel as though I may have seen it in Walmart as well. It’s not in the refrigerated section, I find it near the cooking oils (usually top shelf). I’m sure you’ll be able to find it there, if not check online. I enjoyed Keto, just doesn’t work for our life right now, but it gave me freedom to enjoy healthy fats again!

  3. Oh, I see. We don’t have a Wegmans or a Walmart close to us. Perhaps it may be in Target, although I remember Target having a very limited food section. For now, we’re using organic avocado oil, organic coconut oil, and Kerry gold butter. Yeah, I totally understand. We really like carbs haha, but being hungry all the time didn’t fit into our lifestyle…that sounded a bit ridiculous. Mr. Fat is trying to make a career change to web development and he’s in a constant state of learning when we’re not relaxing. Whole30 sounds great though, full of fresh and natural foods that aren’t processed. Excited to read more about your progress!

  4. Thanks so much! I enjoyed Keto for the simple fact I was never hungry as well, but I’ve found a good balance for sure and fats are welcome on Whole30, so no problem there 🙂

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