Most Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Indoor Bugs

Enjoy this Guest Post by Kevin Smith! You can check out his website at Zapoutusa.

– Kate

When bug-proofing your home, the goal is to keep out as many indoor bugs as possible and to make your house the safest place to live in. You need to do two things: to prevent insects and pests from getting inside in the first place and also to eliminate the existing habitats in your house. By investing a little time and effort into some simple maintenance and housekeeping tasks, you can reduce your chances of the indoor bugs getting in! 

Maintaining cleanliness is an essential part of a healthy life. It gives you a positive vibe throughout the day. It also revives your mood, brings you good health both at work and at home and maintains your hygiene. Starting from what we intake to what we wear, how hygienic we keep our home, shows how happy we are.

Regular cleaning, including putting all food away in air-tight containers after each meal, and daily trash removal help to keep pests and insects away from your kitchen and other corners of your home. Despite doing all this, you get to see the pests and insects everywhere in your house. For the health of your family, it’s very essential to prevent bugs and mosquitoes infestation. 

Many of you must be still wondering how to get rid of the indoor bugs that are hampering our lives and messing up our kitchen? Well, here below I have answered most of your queries regarding indoor bugs! There are actually 2 ways in which you can get rid of the indoor bugs. One is natural and the other is technological!

Here’s how naturally you can protect you and your family from indoor insects-bugs!


You all know how annoying ants are? They suddenly appear from nowhere. They often sneak into places in your kitchen. If ants make their way into your kitchen, you need to make it less attractive for them.

Here is a great trick I have for you to get rid of insect bugs! Sprinkle the cinnamon powder in the areas where you think the ants come from. And there you are! You are free from them!

Dust mites


These dust mites are so tiny that you cannot even see them with the naked eye, but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that they’re not around. They live in household dust. They prefer warmer places and their favorite food is skin flakes. So guess where they like to be? Yes, you guessed it right! On your bed! Dust mites can also cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

So the question arises how will you get rid of them? It’s so simple! Mix 6 tsp of eucalyptus oil with 1.5 tsp of liquid laundry detergent in 1 bucket of water and soak the washable items then wash it as normal. 



Cockroaches are not only disgusting things to see in your house, but they also carry many harmful diseases. There are lots of products available in the store but they are usually highly toxic. I have got a trick for you that is not only cheap and safe, but it works too! 

Chop one onion and add one tsp of baking soda and put this mixture in the corners of your house. Soon you will find your house roach-free.


You should not underestimate the power of mosquitoes as they can infect humans with dengue, malaria, and other diseases. Mosquitoes have caused a lot of pain to humans for centuries, spreading disease and death to millions. Since mosquitoes fly, they can also spread a disease more quickly than an illness that is transmitted from person to person. But as said, “For every problem, there lies a solution.” Preventing mosquitoes and bugs to come and be the cause of your serious health issues can be solved both naturally and using technological methods.

Here come the technological ways by which you can get rid of the mosquitoes and bugs!

As health is an important factor, you should always choose non-toxic repellents. 

There are many non-toxic repellents out in the market these days, but the best among those are rechargeable mosquito lantern: zapout. Use this zapout to get rid of the biting insects. Zapout Mosquito Rechargeable Lantern is a unique and practical combination of mosquitoes and insect control and portable lighting. Not only this, it provides perfect lighting while you are traveling. This mosquito lantern is nontoxic, user-friendly and also is designed to have efficient energy to kill the mosquitoes as well as provide you light.

This waterproof mosquito lantern helps you stay protected all the while. This means not only inside your house, but you can also carry it outside too wherever you go. All you need is to switch on a zapout, whenever you are sitting outside with loved ones and enjoy the evening. The lights you put on only seem to draw biting bugs into your area, making a meal out of all of you. This innovative lantern uses bright, ultraviolet LED’s to light up your place. All the mosquitoes drawn to the light are killed. Besides killing Mosquitoes and Bugs, this mosquito lantern will provide you with 28hrs of light on one charge.

A small tip above all! Try to remove annual plants at the end of the growing season and trim the perennials in the fall. Because when trees and shrubs come in contact with your home, they function as highways for insects on the move. 

Which one of these tricks did you find most useful? Or maybe you have your own bug-repelling secret? Tell us about it in the comments section below. 

Stay Happy! Stay healthy! 

Looks like an interesting product Kevin! I normally don’t do posts that link to a specific household product, but I thought some of the information here was useful for anyone reading and the product could be useful for readers as well.

– Kate