A Simple Home Gym

It’s been somewhat difficult to stay motivated amongst the current pandemic. The first week, I sailed through on my regular schedule. I woke up early, worked out, and then got to working from home while also teaching our children their schooling.

The second week and beyond became a bit more difficult to stay in the groove. I ebbed and flowed from 5-7 workouts a week to 1-2 workouts per week over the past 6+ weeks. I have been struggling with hamstring tendonitis in my right leg for a few months, so as that flares from biking and running I’ve been trying to strengthen muscles or do something alternatively.

Our Home Gym Setup

I thought I’d share with you an idea of what my indoor home gym looks like. No fancy mansion with floor to ceiling windows required.

It’s pretty simple, takes up a small space in our family room, and most of it can be put or hidden away if needed; in order to relax on the small sofa right nearby and gaze at a fireplace…


In my arsenal of home gym equipment is a used Proform treadmill I bought for $250 a few years ago (maybe four already!) and have been using regularly since. No laundry hangs here! If you remember, I sold our couch and used the cash to get the treadmill after scouring Craigslist for awhile.

Spin Bike

The second biggest piece of equipment is my Sunny Spin Bike 1805, purchased for under $500. If you’ve been reading for a little while, I bought this back in December after I started using Peloton’s Digital App and loving their treadmill runs. I had never taken a spin class nor liked long distance outdoor biking, but I just thought I would enjoy Peloton’s classes even more. Hint: I wasn’t wrong!

I absolutely love this bike, it’s sturdy, and has all that I wanted in a bike. No computer electronics, a magnetic resistance, and a belt drive; with a tablet holder, water holder, and easy adjustments. In addition, I did find I LOVE spinning and the Peloton classes. I did a six-week beginner program on their app and I prefer to ride my spin bike more than run on the treadmill any day. I even have taken to further outdoor rides just for fun.

Can I even call myself a runner anymore after that statement?

Free Weights + Mats

In addition to those two bigger pieces of equipment, I have a yoga and workout mat. I recently bought a foam roller to help with tendonitis (it helps a lot!) and I use my body buffer often for muscle pains. All items that I’ve accumulated over 17+ years of running!

Add in some free weights that I’ve collected over a decade plus from 2 lbs to 15 lbs and the few items I purchased while doing Crossfit (WOD jump rope, weighted Rucksacks), and our DIY pull-up bar outside and we’ve got a fully functional home gym for well under $1,000. There’s a kettlebell somewhere in the garage from a decade ago Chris uses for weighing down wood working projects… but we could put that to use, too.

Solitary Workouts

I enjoyed being around others to workout, but it was definitely outside my comfort zone for my time at Crossfit. I am an introvert, and have always been a solitary runner; sparing a running partner or two over the years. I never did well in groups, and I personally love working out at home, on my own whenever I want. I used to enjoy regular gyms, but now for less than the cost of a yearly membership I have access to everything for many years to come right at home. No excuses!

Finding Motivation

I’ve always done pretty well to motivate myself to workout and find fitness as a main part of my life. After children, this part of my life has struggled as my body changed and so did my time for myself. I have found such motivation though in the last year, and continue to make it a foreground choice in my life.

I am sharing this though, in hopes to motivate me to get back on track during this trying time. We are safe. We are safe at home. There are no excuses, truly. I have everything I need.

The past two months have been filled with anxiety, nervousness, and uncertainty. While my husband is always optimistic, I am cautious about what may happen as a result of this major recession and pandemic. It could again wipe out my employment as the last recession hit hard, but I cannot focus on that and sit idle while waiting for it to maybe happen. Keeping my body healthy is just as important as keeping my mind, and helping my family stay healthy. It’s the best thing for anyone right now.

Getting up early when I don’t absolutely have to (hello 5am!) has been where I’ve shifted back to older habits prior to January. Since we don’t have travel to work, or travel to pick-up the kids, and/or Chris is home all day every day as well, I am able to make time to workout elsewhere in the day after work obligations.

In addition, I have ALL day to go absolutely nowhere… so working out any time of the afternoon or evening is easier than trying to get to bed early. Plus, as it gets warmer in the afternoons it’s been nice to be outdoors moving my body as much as I can.

The only drawback is that working out can sometimes be put off throughout the entire day now, to never be accomplished. This past week I did get up at 5am a few times to workout early, and I’ve realized I do my best when I make the time to workout early. Thus, I am going to fit it in before breakfast as often as possible. Whether thats a short 10 minute arms workout with Tunde, or a 45 minute cycle or 15 minute fun run, whatever I can fit in, I’m going to do.

How’s your schedule changed in the current situation?