Outdoor Project: Shutter Color Change

For over a year now, Chris has been learning and planning to repaint our shutters. Our old roof was green, so we waited until after we had a new roof (Jan 2019) to change the look and feel.

This was a rather inexpensive project, as we purchased new shutter clips in navy blue from Home Depot online, and a few cans of outdoor spray paint to repaint the shutters. No need to purchase new, these were just faded in color but otherwise in good shape. Many neighbors have asked if he’d update their shutters as well. I think we started a trend…

Shutters from Green to Blue!

I purchased new outdoor furniture to replace the home-made furniture Chris made over 5-6 years ago when he just started out learning how to drill 2×4’s together. Now we have a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy while we wait for restrictions to be lifted during this time.

The front chairs have been worth every penny, as I sit outside every day I can in the sunshine and even work from the porch on nice days on my laptop. I never could get comfortable on the old bench, so this is a special treat for sure.

In addition, we are creating a larger outdoor vegetable garden area in the backyard and adding more to our front pollination garden. This will help us grow more food at home and limit our trips to the store as it gets up and running.

Be well, stay safe!