Outdoor Project: Tree Removal

For over six months now, Chris and I have been trying to get a company to show up and remove a huge Oak tree in our backyard. For most people, it’s pretty simple. Call and get a few estimates then book someone to remove the tree. Well, not for us.

This tree was located in a place where no truck could get to it or any other mechanical device for that matter. We had numerous estimates scheduled, only to have the estimator literally drive by our house, look in the backyard and drive away… After calling later to ask where they were (waiting home hours for them to arrive), we were told, “Sorry, we can’t help with that.”

We even had one person stop, walk in our backyard and then leave without us catching them to ask them why they had nothing to offer in the way of help! It felt hopeless. We just hoped the tree would not fall down in a wind storm before we could take care of it.

Not a tree company wanted to take our money! We called the tree company that did finally come about 6 times before we finally got them to show up; since last September. I credit the pandemic for this finally getting completed. We called them over and over for months, being told they’ll stop by, but then nothing. Crickets.

After the first week of the pandemic, I guess a lot of contractors were all of a sudden finding a lot of time on their hands. We called once more to just see if we could get this together, and they answered, stopped by that day, and setup to remove it the next day. Thank goodness!

We had it removed probably just at the right time. Since then, we’ve had several pretty strong stormy days filled with wind. Large trees have come down all over the place locally wreaking havoc on power lines. Luckily, this tree (which I loved and miss!) was not able to do any damage. We were most concerned it would land on our neighbors house.

The picture above doesn’t do the tree justice for how large it was. The tree could be seen down the block, across a park, and the guy up in the sky was a sight to see. Many neighbors remarked on his bravery for climbing the tree with just foot prongs and a rope to carry his chainsaw.

In an effort to scale back costs of cutting down such a large tree, and not loose expensive hardwood, we asked them to cut it and pile it up in our yard. They were happy to oblige with a discount for that choice.

We’re now letting it dry out and Chris is coming up with various projects he can use the stumps for! We might sell some as well, but we’d rather see what we can do with it first and foremost. And try to burn as much as we can indoors and out.

Working on any outdoor projects while you’re stuck home? We’re trying to keep it simple and get done items we’ve had on our list for quite some time now. Most of these projects we’ve had sitting in savings for the day they came to pass, so they were planned expenses.

If Chris could’ve climbed and cut down the tree himself, he probably would have!

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Project: Tree Removal

  1. How funny! We also had a giant oak tree in our backyard, except it fell across our lot, killing a pecan tree and a dogwood in the process. Its been on the ground for three weeks and it will be another month before they can get the equipment back there they will need to haul it away. Its simply too wet to try to cross our yard and get in there. One company offered to do it for free, they are selling the firewood and the other bidder wants to charge us $1,500. We have at least three other big trees we probably should get rid of. We have woods on two sides of our house and it is also wetlands so big trees fall over often since the ground stays wet. I almost died as a result of a chainsaw mistake a few years ago and swore never to use one again and I’m sticking with that promise.

  2. Wow! I’m glad you are okay with the chainsaw accident, that’s scary! Luckily, there is only one other major tree on our property we’ll be watching for many years to come to make sure it stays healthy. Down our street there are small waterway wetlands though and definitely trees dropping all over on windy/rainy days!

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