Easy DIY Scrap Wood Sewing Table

After I set up my sewing machine, I quickly realized that working on snack tables wasn’t going to cut it. While we aren’t going shopping much at all these days, I knew I was going to need a slightly more sturdy sewing/craft table to work on in our office space.

Chris at first was reluctant, as he loves to go to the home improvement stores and buy new materials. So, he had told me I’d have to wait awhile for a table and make do.

Well, I don’t always take no for an answer and I typically have an idea in mind to use up and scrap we have… so he was out of luck. I quickly suggested we use an old solid door we’ve had lying around in our garage for the better part of 3-4 years that he’s been “meaning to use” for a project.

Within one day he had sanded, banded, and routed a table top and with scrap one by somethings he built sturdy rectangles for a brand new sewing table. The hole in the door was great for the electric cords, so he didn’t even have to add anything special for that!

See, old doors are useful… now those old window panes in the corner aren’t even from our house and have been there over a year now…

Originally, he was going to leave it unfinished so I could cut and mark it up as needed. Before the end of the day though, he poly-ed the table and it was smooth and sleek. Who’d knew I’d be someone with a craft table just a few short weeks ago!

The table is simple, just the right size, customized to the height I asked for and just all around awesome. Chris is such a cool cat these days with his wood working magic! I love to push the buttons on his creativity to use up old items and to fit my extremely picky tastes and desires. Well done, dear.

Here you can see the table up close and personal. Look at how the wood shines with the poly coating. I have since set up the table with a hanging old shower shampoo holder for my spools of yarn, and a few other random items around the house to organize.

Even in a pandemic, Chris has managed to dream up and create beautiful wood projects. He’s got a lot more scrap wood out there, what else can I think of to have him make?? Hmmm…

Have you ever whipped up something you needed inside of a day with old things around the house?

This is why I love being a DIY and crafty family (we weren’t always this way!). Once we got on this path, there’s no stopping our ability to just create (most of the time) whatever we need. And with every project, we think of more cool things to make.

Plus, it cost nothing to make this, as we had everything we needed. Even better!