Quick and Easy Two Ingredient Foaming Hand Soap

When all the store shelves became bare, I wasn’t worried about a few items that had disappeared. For one, we had enough soap because I’ve been making my own foaming hand soap for well over a year now. It’s super simple, cheap, and great especially if you have any issues with all the chemicals in body products these days.

We keep on hand a large container of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. I used this Unscented Baby soap when we had little baby guys and cloth diapers. It was very good to use just a drop in water with their cloth wipes to keep them clean, and I found I loved using it on my skin. I use their face and body wash for my face and nary do I get a pimple anymore.

I previously had bought Method foaming hand soap bottles knowing I wanted to save them for this purpose. Why purchase bottles for it when I could just use up a brand of soap, cut off their labels and make my own.

We now have 3 foaming soap bottles around our house that I refill about once per month it seems.

All I do is put in a squirt or two of the Castile soap into the almost empty bottle.

Next, you fill the rest with water.

Squirt of Castile soap (maybe 1/4 of the bottle), fill the rest with water = foaming hand soap.

It’s truly as simple as that. Dr. Bronner’s has several fragrances, I just prefer the unscented or the lavender. I swish it around and we’re back in business with a lot more Castile soap to use in the future.

Sometimes the soap separates or looks streaky when the temperature is colder. No worries, just swish it before pumping and it mixes right back in. It foams up great and we don’t do through tons of soap now as the kids love to pump a lot of soap no matter the kind of soap! This uses less soap to get the same job done. Win win!

Plus, no one was buying up the Dr. Bronner’s at the store. Those I found any time I’ve been out in the last two months. Usually on the bottom shelves.

Have you ever made your own hand soap like this before?