How to Turn Your SUP Standup Paddleboard into a Kayak

I searched all over the internet to find any idea for how to make my standup paddle board have the option to become a kayak. Some brands sell attachments, but the cost wasn’t worth it to me, nor did I want to screw anything into my board. In addition, other than adding a cooler to the top for fishing purposes, there weren’t too many good ideas I wanted to borrow.

Then I started thinking about the foldable soft camping chairs. It made sense that they were okay to get wet and easily clean. They were durable to sit on the ground with and keep you comfortable, and the price was pretty good as an option for a simple paddleboard add-on.

A few days later after a quick order of a camping seat, I decided to also get a kayak paddle to make things a bit easier. A friend did say, why not just sit down on your paddleboard and use the regular paddle?

I tried that many times, but in our waterway the tides are pretty strong. If I wanted to sit, after awhile I would get very tired going against tide to get back with the single paddle, and my back would hurt. I’m not super fit in SUP-ping, and if it was windy, I wanted to still go out without limitng my distance or exploration.

This little addition made sense to me to make it simple to go out windy or non-windy days, to choose ahead of time if I wanted to sit more or stand up more and bring the equipment I needed. Plus, it eliminated the need to buy a second water craft so my lighter SUP could always be in use.

The best thing I found about the chair is the back has a mesh pocket, so I kept my water, music, and other snacks in it and I ended up going out far longer than I would otherwise. I probably could bring my regular paddle as well and then be out for a lot longer doing both!

A simple idea, but it works well. I would just recommend a long sleeve sun shirt as the edges of the chair rub a bit after paddling side to side for awhile.