Purell Hand Sanitizer Free Crochet Pattern

In the fall I looked at a few patters for crocheting a hand sanitizer pouch to give out to a few family members and adjusted them to fit the Purell container that I had several of that were easy to refill.

It’s a simple and quick pattern you can easily adjust to your own size for what you have on hand. I tend to crochet a bit looser than most patterns, so adjust your size as needed.

Purell Crochet Pattern

Material: Cotton worsted yarn, H hook

  • ch 10
  • sl st to the first ch
  • SC 16 on the chain
  • sl st to the first SC, chain 1
  • Do not turn
  • *SC in the same st as the chain 1
  • SC around the entire row
  • Sl st to finish the row
  • Ch 1, SC in the same st as ch 1
  • SC entire row*
  • Repeat from * for up to 10-12 rows as needed
  • Sl st to finish the last row
  • Ch 22
  • Sl st to the 6th chain from the hook
  • Sl st along back to the holder and sl st to secure it
  • Sew a small button to the opposite side of the strap (making sure the button fits snug through the opening)