Tasting New Recipes: Nacho Cheese Sauce

If you know me, you know that I love to test out new foods and recipes that fit my dietary needs. I have been moving toward a whole-food plant based diet the past two months, as recommended, with good results in my digestive system. I came across a delicious YouTube channel & website called Make It Dairy Free. They create all sorts of unique tasty sounding recipes which are easy to convert to gluten-free most often, too.

Recently, I decided to try their nacho cheese sauce. I’ve been looking for a cheese replacement that actually tasted good and didn’t have a ton of weird not-on-hand ingredients. I tried one mac n’ cheese recipe from another website that came out thick, chunky, and not the right flavor. Their cheese sauce uses no cashews (as most vegan cheeses do!), and instead it uses butter beans.

Make It Dairy Free Nacho Cheese Sauce

I highly recommend checking out their channel and their recipes. I have made 2 other recipes from their show and they came out spot on. This sauce is soooo delicious and even Chris liked it on his tacos. So, that’s saying a lot!

Simple lunch!

This was lunch one day. It was delicious with the nacho cheese sauce, a simple romaine salad and a bit of salsa on top. I can definitely see myself making this sauce many times over.