Tasting New Recipes: Mushroom Stroganoff

Yes, most of my recipes lately are coming from YouTube channels. There is something about watching someone cook a real meal knowing that it’ll come together as they say it will right on video. Sure, videos can be edited or adjusted, but it’s easier to see the textures or other unique notes when you’re watching someone cook. My guess it that’s why many trust Food Network or other cooking shows!

I’ve made many a recipes from Pinterest, which I quickly learned they were not all created equal or even realistic. As my cooking skills have improved, I can look at a blog post and view the ingredients and know if they’ll go well together or be a total bust. Plus, being gluten-free, I’ve learned how to easily adapt many non-gluten-free to match my needs. Chris keeps telling me I need to share those recipes as they are pretty much an adaptation that has primarily become something new (usually I replace 2-4 ingredients anyway).

This recipe was delicious from Yueng Man Cooking. I put together two of his recipes to make enough for 4 people, adjusting from the Mixed Mushroom Stroganoff and the Vegan Alfredo dish he made on his channel.

Mushrooms cooking.

The mushrooms cooked while I made the cashew cream in the blender. The cashew cream was really a great substitute for heavy cream. It has a nice consistency and could easily be made sweet or savory depending on adding garlic, etc.

Cashew cream with mushrooms.

I added the cream sauce to the mushrooms and let them warm through.

Add in the pasta.

Next I added a pound of brown rice pasta which worked out very well. I didn’t measure the pasta and used more mushrooms than the recipe called for. I did use the 1:1 ratio of cashews to water, and decided not to thin out the sauce (though upon reheating a thinner sauce would’ve worked just as well).

Mushroom Stroganoff

The final dish was super filling, super delicious, and even Chris liked it (though he isn’t a huge fan of the mushrooms). I want to try this again with making a more garlicky Alfredo with maybe spinach or broccoli mixed in.

What new recipes have you tried lately?