Snowy Days

Last year, we had zero snow. It was fitting since we were prepared with snow pants and boots given to the boys from my in-laws, and snowman building toys from my Mom. The only other year it didn’t snow was the year my Mom bought all her grandchildren sleds for Christmas. Yep, that’s just how it goes around here.

This year, we were a little caught off guard, but still had all our snow gear and toys ready to go when the nor’easter hit our area. It was nice to finally see snow, as I didn’t realize how much I missed it last year among all of the concern of the pandemic. It’s the perfect way to play outside in the winter!

Crab making snowballs.

The first day of snow, we played shortly outside, but then cozied up indoors and I made that tasty stroganoff you saw the other day. The second day we had quite a bit more snow, with no end in sight, so we shoveled, played, and enjoyed the great wild weather.

American Flag in the snow.

I am enjoying my new phone that takes beautiful photos even in the snow. Sure, they could use some editing, but I like to keep it simple these days.

Jeter in the snow.

Jeter was pretty lucky in this photo that he didn’t pop right down through the snow. It definitely was deeper than his little legs, but since it was sleeting most of the night the top layer of snow was solid enough for him to stand on. I was pretty lucky he stopped moving for ever a second to get a great photo of this energetic guy.

He does love the snow though, and I’ll never forget the first snow he experienced (he was adopted from Puerto Rico). He was so amazed, confused, surprised and loved running through the snowflakes!