It’s time to begin.

Many years ago, in 2008, when I first joined Twitter I declared that I wanted one day to be an ultra runner. At the time I told my office mate Judy that I planned to become an ultra runner after I turned 40. So, I let her know to remind me if I still worked there (I don’t, but we’re still in touch) that it was time to reach my goals. I decided this at the ripe old age of 26.

I love natural frames.

As I approach turning 40 in another year, I feel the time to start training is now. My life is in mostly good order, where my children are now older and self sufficient. I can take the time and rest needed to achieve my goals and begin a new chapter of my journey. I’ve supported Chris living out his passions for years, now it’s time to shift and he wants to support this goal of mine.

Throughout the years I have attempted longer distance running, but kept getting sidelined by injury. My biggest issue to keep at bay is tendonitis. In 2016, I changed over to a run/walk strategy promoted by Jeff Galloway too much success and a 16.2 mile race weekend (5k and half marathon) in Atlantic City in 2017.

It was awesome, but I felt like a fraud calling myself a runner when I walked some and that took a toll on my desire and motivation. How silly since I watched Galloway do a 15/15 split ahead of me for the first half of the marathon he was running; and I didn’t think he wasn’t a runner.

In 2018, I started to learn more about ultra marathoners and found they do walk during training AND in races. Yay! I could do this, as I love long slow distance and being out in nature. My children were still young (3 & 6) in 2019, so it was difficult to get further than any 10 mile training run and still being able to function as a mom. I also took a trip down Crossfit lane for most of that year and stopped running instead to wipe myself out HIIT after HIIT at a really wonderful local gym.

The view on a recent long 6 mile walk.

The very end of 2019 brought my running back into orbit as I left crossfit to pursue running again and used Peloton (digital app) to start running on the treadmill in November. Then I added a spin bike in December! And I tried hot yoga for a few months (Jan-March) before COVID shut everything down.

The year of 2020 was not a health focused year for me. I kept up my workouts, but so many days were spent in anxiety and fear that I didn’t make much progress. Holding steady was the best I could do. I stress ate way too often. The end of 2020 brought about new/old concepts in nutrition which have always sat in the back of my mind: being primarily plant based.

Cauliflower crust with Vivolife Mozzarella.

At the start of 2021, I was ready to get back down to it. Maybe all the health issues, stress, and nutritional challenges the past decade were preparing me for this next chapter?

I finally feel this year is the year to start tackling harder, longer, slower distance training. My family doesn’t need me as much as before (which is our goal of independent children) and while the world still isn’t able to offer all those things to keep us busy (travel, dining out, theater shows, parties) it appears to be a perfect time to focus on my intentions and transition into the person I always knew I would one day become. And I’m now completely okay with walking, running, or a combination of both!

I’m sharing this here, because I don’t think too many others than you are reading and I know you might silently cheer me on and not tell my secret goals 🙂 I also say this, as I look forward to the day I can reach out to a few who’ve know my intention for the last 15 years and say, thank you, I finally did it! I’m hitting 40 in age, and maybe even 40 in miles.

It’s not going to be pretty. It’s not going to be fast. It’s not going to win me any awards. It will remind me of the badass ambitious woman I was and that she’s still inside here somewhere. I may not make my goal if my body won’t let me, but at least I’m still going to try.

Thanks for keeping my secret and supporting my on this journey. Be ready for more fitness related posts 🙂 I’ve always been motivated by sharing my running journey, it may be because my very first blog was related to running 15 years ago!