Training Plan and Peroneal Tendonitis

This was my first week on my new training plan. The week isn’t over yet for a few more days, but I was reminded by Chris to take it one day at a time. I had a moment after I registered for a race when I thought, “What did I do?!” and felt like I might fail once again at my goals. Then I did my best to not set myself up to fail before I even began.

He was kind enough to remind me that I just have to make it through tomorrow’s workout, then the next day and the day after that. One. Day. At. A. Time.

I have been reading a few books I own by Jeff Galloway to remind me of how I want to achieve my long distance goals. I’ve set myself a baseline goal which includes walking, but have hopes by the next few months it’ll be a bit more than that. On top of that, his plan has me “moving” 7 days per week.

Two of the workouts are cross-training, which I plan to do low-impact cycle rides or strength training. One of the days is a “walk” which I plan to do with a friend weekly and casually. That leaves four days with run/jog/walk training of about 30-90 minutes throughout the plan; one of those being a long run/walk.

Here’s what the schedule looks like:

  • Mon: 30 min run/walk
  • Tue: XT
  • Wed: 30-90 min run/walk
  • Thu: XT
  • Fri: 45-90 min run/walk
  • Sat: walk
  • Sun: long run/walk

The goal is to move my body daily. Sometimes in restful ways like restorative yoga. Other times it’s in intense ways like a long run or other run training. I’m going to listen to my body this go around, take more time to stretch, warm-up, cool down, body buff and foam roll to keep my tendonitis at bay. When in doubt, I’ll just walk it out.

The schedule I am using is for a 29 week program, but I was already at the mileage for the 3rd week in, so I am starting on week 4. In addition, my first calendar race is around week 13-14, which will give me enough mileage to meet my base goal for that day.

Afternoon sunshine with my pups in the front doorway.

After a long walk on the weekend, 6 miles, and then 2 run/walks and 2 cross-training days I’m feeling pretty decent. I’m using Peloton Digital to stack and schedule my workouts on the treadmill, bike, or with strength for the time requirements. Long days may be a combo of Peloton, or outdoor time.

My calves/tendons were tight after my long walk, but I’ve been taking extra care daily to do things the right way instead of skipping warm-ups, or stretching. I’ve even begun to wear my compression socks (short, mid-calf, high) for my workouts and after. These have always made a huge difference in my recovery.

This is a picture of the tendon pain I suffer from (this started about 10 years ago when I trained for my first marathon and ended up dropping out because I was put into two ankle boots and couldn’t walk for a few days, ugh). Peroneal tendonitis is super painful to walk with and can cause me not to even be able to sleep. This time, I’m going to keep it at bay! I have seen a doctor about the condition, and am well prepared to keep this issue from overtaking my body like it did a decade ago.

With this type of tendon strain, I don’t plan to run straight through any runs anytime soon. I actually caused this flare up by doing a Virtual Disney Pluto 5k last month and while in training I was run/walking prior, I decided to run the entire 5k. I knew that was a mistake the moment I walked back inside and my ankles/calves were on fire. Whoops!

I am happy to walk. Jog. Run. Or walk some more. I’m not making any time goals or predictions. I just want to get out there, move for long periods of time and distance, and stay healthy while doing it. My running goal in life has always been to do it for life. Not to be fast, end my “career” short, and call it a day.

I’ve decided to give myself credit for walking, jogging, and running as long as it fits my timed goals for my plan, and for the long run distance. On my personal calendar, I set aside enough time to walk the entirety of all the long runs (20:00/pace) if needed. Then, if I can finish sooner, that’s a win!

Sure, I may be no “runner” but I’m still going to call myself one. It’s had taken me years to convince myself I was a runner when I did run races all year long! I do run, sometimes, and far, too. Ultrarunners are no less ultrarunners because they walk a stretch, hike uphills on a climb, or take a break to refuel. I’m in this for the longer haul, and fast 5ks were never my strong suit.

My end goal may not even be a regular race, but an unsupported long distance journey. There is another calendar option in August and in October most likely, but we’ll see if I just want to go it alone or on a timed course after my first visit to this new long race in May.

I like to run long slow distances. LSD is where it’s at for me and for my mental health, too.

  • Do you like to run fast or slow?
  • Do you like to run shorter distances or longer distances?

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