The First Week of Training

My first week is complete on my new training plan. I’m using the fat-burning marathon training plan from Jeff Galloway’s book “Marathon.” It is a nice breakdown of regular weekly walk/jogs, a good build up in distance, and includes days of cross-training.

In addition, I like that the focus is on completing time vs. distance in all but the long run. This way, I can listen to my body and adjust as needed. I’m adding the additional focus of keeping track of my HR zones to stay in the fat burning range as much as possible during workouts.

It wasn’t easy to go from working out 3-4 days a week pretty easy, and weekend walks to more focused training 6 days per week. The first few days, my calves and tendons were on fire. By the fourth workout, I had overused my back during strength training and was rehabbing from that for several days. I haven’t strength trained in any regular capacity since leaving Crossfit over a year ago, so I had forgotten to use my booty instead of my back. Lesson learned.

By the last workout of the week, I was wiped out. It was an easy 3 mile distance, so luckily I started on a gentle week. After yesterday’s workout of a 30 min run + walk with Matt Wilpers, I was reminded that it’ll be about 4 weeks before my body adjusts and this all becomes that much easier to complete. I just need to not give up and make it to that point. Day after day, one workout at a time.

I was proud of myself for completing his run + walk intervals. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to “run” in the truest sense for this training plan, but each workout seemingly offers something new to inch me closer to my goal. On cross-training days I’m focusing on upper body strength + cycling. On run/walk days I am focusing on core + run/walk for time or distance.

Into week two, and I’m feeling better than week one. I’ve taken time to make sure to warm-up, workout, and stretch each workout. Typically, I skipped all the prep and post workout to save time. If I hope to stay healthy and improve, those will be major components this go around.

What’s do your winter workout plans look like?

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