Barn Doors and Donuts

We had a lovely Valentine’s weekend together as a family. It is cold, snowy, and winter here, but we made the best of it enjoying each other and Chris bought me my favorite local “vlugen” donuts (stands for vegan/gluten-free).

Don’t these look delicious?!
They are my favorite, especially the chocolate frosted!

I’m thankful that in the last 4 years since I had to go gluten-free so many local business offer delicious treats I used to enjoy. We have a lot of new restaurants that we have supported and hope survive this pandemic!

I’ll be glad when the snow goes though. I always enjoyed the snow and look forward to it, but after the second or third snowstorm, I’m ready for spring’s return and summer warm days on our scooters.

Winter snow

Chris spent the week before and after Valentine’s building a barn door for our family room. I originally just hung a curtain while we decided how we wanted to somewhat separate the rooms a bit. We both like to sit in the family room where it’s quiet while the boys play. It’s also my ‘workout’ room so I like a little privacy and less interruption.

Chris suggested a barn door would work well in the space we had, and I thought, why hadn’t we thought of it sooner?! We looked at fully pre-made doors, but knowing that Chris could do it for 1/2 the price and custom, and that he’d be proud to build it… I couldn’t suggest in my heart of hearts for the sake of speed to buy a pre-made door. Within 2 days of discussing the idea, he planned, designed, bought the wood, and started building. This was not our usual time of projects with snow and parking in the garage, but we made it work.

Within a week we had even more snow, and we made the best of it 🙂