Second Week of Training

It was super frigid the past week. I did all of my training indoors despite wanting to get outside. I’m going to work backward a little here, but stick with me.

Sunrise on Saturday

On Saturday, my goal was to complete 7.5 miles on my training plan. I was going to attempt to do some it outdoors, but it was so cold when I got up I convinced myself it would be just fine to do it on the treadmill. I have been using a run-walk-run strategy, so what used to take me about 75 minutes so many moons ago (10:00 pace), took me about 2 1/2 hours. Yes, about double the amount of time.

My current pace is around 14:00 pace. My “race pace” training goal is around 16:00 pace for training, to make it at least 14:00 pace for long distance races.

I used Peloton to complete my 7.5 miles. I did two 30-minute classes, one a power walk and another a walk + run, and then a 20 minute power walk. The run actually felt really good. I then power walked to tv shows for the remaining time and my average pace ended around 18:00 minutes. Super slow, but I’m going for time on my feet, not so much the speed of my legs in this plan.

Of course, I would love to lose weight which would make all of this easier, but I’m giving myself grace to just focus on the weekly workouts and not the scale or the times. This week went as planned, remarkably better than the first week of training where each day I was super sore and even nervous to do the 7.5 miles.

Once I got over the long hump of using the treadmill longer than I ever have, I felt more confident. My kids thought I was nuts for being on it for over 2 hours, but I am glad they get to see me putting focus on my well being.

I have been able to double my distance in a rather short time using the R-W-R method I adopted from Jeff Galloway seven years ago. I don’t get injuries in my knees and hips like I used to, just some tendonitis I keep at bay. It really is a great way to increase distance and/or time and still be able to live one’s life. Truly, I wouldn’t have made it this quick (2 weeks!) to 7.5 miles and still be happy about it without his program.

The best thing about Galloway’s plans are truly the fact that I can still function after distances. I even went for a walk on Sunday with my friend for 3 miles, something I wouldn’t have done in my running only days. I would have been trashed for a few days and just sore. So, for the weekend I actually did 10.5 miles!

The funny thing is when I do Peloton “power walks” outdoors my pace is faster than when I do the Walk+Run workouts. Go figure.

My favorite spin bike!

I thought I’d share an image I shared over on Instagram recently. My spin bike is my favorite cross-training day pastime. I never liked cycling or outdoor biking, but after getting through the first 6 weeks using a Peloton program, it’s now one of my favorite things to do.

My workout week:

  • Mon 30 min walk+run
  • Tues XT (upper body, core, cycle)
  • Wed 45 min walk+run
  • Thu XT (upper body, core)
  • Fri 45 min walk+run
  • Sat 134 min power walk, walk+run, power walk
  • Sun 3 mi walk
“Wicked” Broadway themed ride!

Last week I finally hit my 100th Peloton Ride! The century ride seems to be a big deal, as they mail you a t-shirt. I’ll do anything for a *free* t-shirt, even sign up for insanely long races. They get me every time, and I realize, no they aren’t truly free, but they are motivating.

Restorative Yoga setup.

One thing I found with Peloton I absolutely love is Restorative Yoga. I never did such a thing and OMG, it’s amazing. I like to relax, I like to stretch, and I like to meditate. Bam… it’s been great.

I hate to sound like a commercial here, but Peloton really does offer SO MUCH for so little in the way of costs (if you don’t buy the bike/tread). Right now, for about 6 months my digital membership is FREE $0.00 through our credit card rewards program. So, I’m motivated, I’m using all my at home equipment more than ever, and it’s not costing me anything. I did spend to get a bike, but Chris uses it now which is nice, and the boy love to walk on my treadmill (which I’ve gotten a new one end of last year, but have had one at home for six years now).

Peloton has become somewhat of a “community” for me. I lurk around the reddit for it where so many useful tidbits of information are shared. I don’t exactly workout with any friends directly, but there’s a connection there for the few that I do know that use it or have a real Peloton bike or tread. I feel like I’m a part of something while I can totally still be independent, do the workouts or work with trainers I like on demand, and be mindful in my fitness program.

I like to run alone, but sometimes I do like to have a “friend” along with me. They make the treadmill so much more fun. I look forward to picking out my workouts each week and their new scheduling feature is just what I needed.

Post workout fries.

After my long walk/jog this weekend, midway through I asked Chris to air fry some fries for me. We now keep baked potatoes in the fridge, made in our instant pot, weekly and it’s super easy to cut up and air fry. Healthy without all the grease and oil, a little salt or dipping and they are a family favorite. Rice and potatoes are my go-to’s since the end of last year and my body is the happier for it.

Carbs seem good for me, trying Keto almost took me out a few years ago. I’m happy to embrace the wonderful potato again 🙂

How are you doing? Are you training for anything this spring?