When the wheels spin off.

The wheels came spinning off my training plan right after week four. It usually does, so I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t think it would be due to a reoccurring long-haul illness, but more due to time constraints or tendonitis. Luckily, I have still got the time to train before a few races and have greatly improved my tendonitis flare ups from becoming a regular issue again.

In the past few weeks, we celebrated a birthday for our Monkey. A year ago was our last “big” birthday part across our immediate and extended family to celebrate this guy. His birthday was a bit different this year, but we celebrated nonetheless in our own fun way with family.

Birthday Cake by Chris!

Chris and I don’t look that much older than when he was born… or maybe we have aged a bit. We’ve definitely grown more together in the last 13 1/2 years of marriage and 9 years since Monkey came along. This past year was even more enjoyable together. I love that he finally gave a shaved head a try. I think he’s even more attractive like that 🙂

I know the pandemic year was a make or break year for many couples. We always do well when we have tons of time together; this year was no different. That’s why we love summers so much when we’re both off and home together. We enjoy each other’s friendship, company, silliness, and motivate each other. It wasn’t easy all year, because we never had much alone time, but we definitely made a few trips happen to Costco together without the kids!

We’ve been together over 18 years this month!

I’ve still been moving, albeit quite a bit slower and not on schedule. Ruby is always there to greet me on my workout mat during stretching time. I can always count on her to make it more of a unique stretching plan while she’s taking over.

One day last week, I went out for a run and ended up walking home after 2 miles. I was starting to lose my mind, seeing things, and almost just sat down on the side of the road to call home for Chris to pick me up. It was a slow staggered walk home. I did find I was dehydrated so I made sure to drink a lot of fluids and while it took about 3-4 days to mostly recover, I finally felt a bit better going into this past weekend.

Staggering home. Seeing driftwood move that weren’t actually moving.

When we’ve had some free time, I’ve been on walks with Monkey while Crab is taking an art class. We’re slowly venturing back out into the world again. I am excited that the kids are heading back into school after schooling from home the past year; and we’re taking advantage of local park programs again, too.

Jumping for spring joy!

Tomorrow, I’ll share how my 11 mile run went!