Four Decades and Almost Half of Them Together

I met Chris when I was 20, and he had just turned 22 (a few months before I turned 21). I cannot believe we have been together over 18 years now, married 14 later this year, almost half our lives thus far. It’s been an enjoyable ride with ups and downs, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Chris is my absolute best friend.

Happy 40th Birthday Chris!

We celebrated with minimal fanfare, as we had planned a greater celebration at Chris’ request through travels this summer (which were then put on hold until next summer). The boys planned a day out with their Dad to do all the fun things that he loves to do with them like baseball, basketball, and other outdoor adventures.

Through it all, this past year has brought us all closer together even more than before.

Yankees cake for my Yankee Doodle.

While big parties and celebrations were out due to the pandemic stretching on, what I did do was surprise Chris with delicious custom Yankees themed cake from a local rockstar bakery that I had ordered a few months ago. Chris has been loving eating a piece a day for days and days beyond his birthday. I have never ordered such a fancy cake, and I was thrilled when they could add a few cupcakes on the side that I could enjoy, too.

It looked so amazing and he said it was incredibly decadent. It might just become a new tradition for us!

Birthday cake and gluten-free cupcakes, too!

We did a nice takeout dinner of his favorites and even were excited to pick him up a gift that he had wanted for years! He’s always talked about getting a Soda Stream, but we never felt the desire to splurge on one. Well, with that in mind he’s now enjoying his own bubbly at home as often as he’d like. It’s been fun to explore different recipes and making essentially my own – less carbonated – versions of Sprindrift which we both love. I prefer even just the slight sparkle of regular water, and toss in a little apple cider vinegar and it’s a treat.

It’s been a trying month for Chris the past month, as right before his birthday he discovered a growth on his foot. We’re waiting now on surgery in the coming week to make sure it’s nothing more than a benign growth and he’s gone through quite the ringer with a possible allergic reaction to MRI contrast dye, ER visits and more doctor visits. With that, add another ill little family member and we’re all falling apart this spring.

Say a prayer that this is the worst of his being “over the hill” and that health and another good forty years are to come!