Always Adjusting

This has been one very odd school year for all involved. It started out in-person for myself in September, with Chris and my kiddos finally going in to school at the end of March. It’s been a whirlwind of ups, downs, schedule changes, adjustments, and just having to “go with the flow” which I don’t arrive at easily. I’m a planner. I’m always planning out the next school year’s schedule the moment it is approved at each school. Bummer we all can’t take a cruise together next spring break! Booo! We were sooooo close for once…

Singing in the rain.

With all of the changes, I admire my boys. They’ve taken to the shifts in their young lives with much more ease than I have. Granted, I am the one to have to make sure they have a place to be before school, and work with schedules for pick-up times, bus schedules, and all that is involved. How I envy my husband at times who never seems to have to worry about such things. His schedule is his schedule. Mine is always accommodating everyone else’s. I am sure mom’s everywhere understand this deeply.

Going back into school has made for some fun mornings and afternoons with the boys. After picking up my youngest, Crab, at one school, we head home for a quick snack and then back out the door to pick up my older guy, Monkey, from the bus. Here’s to hoping next year school schedules will be back to their old normal and drop-offs will be the same time and pick-ups staggered just a bit more than they are now.

Crafts at school again!

With each day we find news ways to play. When it rains, we bring umbrellas and play in the grass waiting for the bus. Other days, we walk in the sunshine and enjoy a snack while waiting. It’s been nice to have a little separate time with my two baby guys throughout this change.

I’m also thrilled that they are getting a to craft again in school and make things. While we do arts and crafts at home, and we’ve signed up for some great local programs, I always love filling my fridge with their school artwork. That’s something I’ve missed this past year. The surprises that come out of their book bags and onto to the fridge!

One of the best things about this spring is that the boys are old enough to play outside with friends and at the playground without constant supervision. Sure, I sit out on the porch (probably too much) while they play, but it appears our house has become the go-to “fun house” on the blocks surrounding us as Crab likes to call it. Even when I encourage playing elsewhere for a bit, they always come back around to ride bikes, play basketball, baseball, or draw with chalk.

Chalk sidewalk.

I’m embracing the chaos, after a year without any play with friends it’s been delightful to see them all enjoying time together and being imaginative. Though, every few days I do need a break and a day where they just play down at the park.

With all the busyness that is coming back into our lives, I’m struggling to find time to workout again. I cannot seem to will myself to get up at 5am anymore to workout, and after school has been hit or miss with all of the action amongst our family. Between doctors appointments, ER visits, illness, and lots of kids playing in our yard, I am trying to make it all work. I miss working out, but I am so very very tired.

With that said, I took off a few weeks of running after my trail race due to a back injury. Most recently, I made the decision to postpone my 6-Hour Ultra race that is this weekend (I was going to DNS, but they deferred me to next year, yikes!). I just can’t seem to get myself back out to run and I feel burnt out. I’ve decided not to sign-up for any upcoming races and instead just do something each day I enjoy. As with all seasons in life, this too shall pass and I’ll be back focused again on enjoying the long run.

Maybe this was a blessing, and by next year I’ll be ready to tackle that 6 hours with deeper training under my belt.