Trying Frozen Plant Based Chicken

I’ve been trying many different plant based meats just to try them. While I love my tofu chicken replacement, I am always up to try something new and experiment with new concepts or foods. I came across this plant based chicken made from basically the same tofu as I have used before with some seasonings added. I picked it up to try to make my favorite chicken tacos.

Plant based chicken with Simply Chicken taco seasoning sauce.

Don’t these look delicious? The flavor was great, mostly due to the sauce, the texture was a little chewier than my tofu, but the look of it was exactly like chicken cutlets. The raw look of them was slightly brown, but they looked like a standard chicken cutlet to me and microwaved quick, then cooked in the sauce a minute after.

You could easily use this to replace chicken, but the price was way more than I’d spend normally so I won’t be buying this again. I’m happy enough with my cheaper per-pound-than-chicken tofu and the freezing method. If I lived alone, then this might be an occasional treat. I do look forward to Beyond’s upcoming chicken replacement they said will come out later this year though. Beyond beef products have completely fooled my family and they now like them better. Wegmans new “Don’t Be Chicken” nuggets also have become a fan favorite of Crab, too!

I’m loving this plant based journey. Each week leads to new meal ideas and concoctions and my body is far happier for it. I’ve gotten rid of a long standing rash completely without any use of creams anymore and lots of other frustrating digestive symptoms. All hail plants, they can taste great and be great for you!