Springing into Sprouts

I’ve gotten into growing my own sprouts this spring. I loved picking them up as part of our crop share of a local farm last summer, as they had a lot of sprouts or more often micro-greens. Before I ordered any seeds, I tested out sprouting just a cup of dried lentils from a bag from the store. Those turned out pretty well actually, and I shared some with my dogs, too.

After that experiment, I ordered organic seeds from Sprout People (peas, chickpeas, broccoli, etc). In addition, I ordered their Four Legs for sprouts for dogs, and my dogs love them! I have changed to mixing them into their food as they drop them all over the kitchen when they eat, but they seem so much happier and aren’t eating grass outside like they do sometimes. Maybe the greens are giving them a bit more fresh veg that they need.

Sprouts are super easy to make. You just need 1-2 tbsp of dried, preferably organic, seeds or beans. Then you need a jar and a cheesecloth or simple plastic lids that have mesh/slots for air and water to come through, but not the seeds.

You soak the seeds for 8-12 hours at first in the jar, then drain, rinse, and rinse a second time and drain. Then twice a day (morning and evening) I just rinse the sprouts and leave them to drain on our dish drying mat. After 2-3 days, they are ready to eat and you can taste test them throughout the days to find your own best time to enjoy them.

Broccoli sprouts ready to eat!

After the final day of rinsing and draining, I spread out the sprouts to dry on a paper towel or kitchen towel. Then I put them in a container with paper towel on the bottom and leave the flaps open so air can keep them dry. I am not sure if I should leave the lid off entirely, but I might try that one time to see how that works out. I eat the sprouts as part of my mid-morning snack during the week, and the dogs enjoy theirs with their dinner!

The broccoli sprouts were a little more bitter than I had anticipated (along the lines of arugula which I’m no fan of), so I realized I liked the micro-green version from the farm better. No need for different seeds! I am going to just use the same seeds and start a micro-greens farm so I can grow those to try instead. That’ll be something new to learn!