Sleeping Doves

I’ve been trying to spend more time out in nature this spring.

This year, we’ve added a few new bird attraction items to our front and backyards. We’ve added two hummingbird feeders, and lowered our bird feeder and have kept on top of our seed in 3 bird feeders in our front yard.

The moment we don’t fill the seed, the birds know and disappear. Within minutes of heading out to refill, the noise in the neighborhood amps up and I know the birds are just watching. The squirrels have enjoyed the fallen seed, too.

The hummingbirds seem to be using our backyard feeder, but not our front yard feeder as much. The one in the back is right on our garden window and Crab and I have watched in amazement the beauty of hummingbirds hovering happily to eat.

About a week ago, I noticed that we have one or two doves that are always present on our front lawn, or in the garden. One day, they actually hid themselves very well and still in our mulched garden bed. They sat there happily, and moved little, while we all just watched on the porch.

So sweet to watch them sleep, sometimes they do this in the tree, too.

Sleeping dove in the garden.

I slowly took out my DSLR camera so as not to disturb them and took the photo you see above. I used my 100-300mm lens in order to get up close, but also to take a look in the trees around the area to see why the doves would just stay so still. Maybe a predator was above.

Above is a photo taken with my iPhone. It doesn’t do the beauty of the moment justice. iPhones are great, but getting a real photo was so much better. Especially with the sun setting and the birds sleeping.

A hawk waiting in the trees.

About a block and a half away, I spotted (surprisingly) with my naked eye what looked like to be a hawk up in the tree. The tree was probably 4-5 stories high and a few blocks away, but there he was. The long lens helped me get a closer view. He was definitely keeping an eye out for something to scoop up. I kept my dogs inside for a bit.

Happy little dove.

The funny thing about the whole experience was that Chris was sitting on the porch. I had gotten home from a walk around the neighborhood with my mom and spotted the doves. He had no idea they were even sitting right in front of him the entire time he just relaxed on the porch. We invited the kids to come out ever so slowly to sit and watch them, too.

Daisies in the sunset.

You can’t be a beautiful sunset, spotting a few sleeping doves, and seeing a hawk in action scanning the neighborhood; doing it as a family was even better. That is why I love having a house with a porch and that was one of my “musts” when searching for our forever home seven years ago already…