Falling into Routine

It’s fall. I’ve thought about what I’d like to use this space for all summer and I still haven’t come to a conclusion.

I started my blogging journey first writing about running, then moved on to have a blog related to my photography business, which then morphed into the concept of “life, food, fitness, photos” to encompass all that I am living and learning. From there I added tons on personal finance and frugal living, and shared my journey to better health through the woods of medical issues. I sit here more firmly rooted into the person I want to be after living through what we all have been through in the past year and a half of illness, loss, anxiety, and much more.

I’ve thought about going back to where it all began and writing about running, but to be honest, I love that I run now and work out without really sharing it at all with anyone. That’s how it was before blogging and social media became a thing. Miles after miles alone on the roads or trails without anyone the wiser or a phone in hand for photos.

At present, I’ve disconnected from all areas of social media as they don’t currently serve a purpose in my day to day existence. It’s been strange at first, but freeing at the same time. Now, I find myself taking photos I want to keep instead of ones with the intent to share.

I’m not sure where this blog will be headed or when I’ll return. I am enjoying the peaceful quiet of working out each day, working my way through various programs on my preferred workout app, and deciding when and which races I’d like to attempt in the future. We’re still paying down our mortgage and I’m learning to cook in new ways. While I don’t pick up my DSLR that often anymore, each day has been an opportunity to learn something new.

There’s something to be said about living a bit more off the grid and spending more time out in nature.