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I’m a wife of Chris, mom of two boys Monkey & Crab, dog mom to Ruby & Jeter, an endurance runner/walker, photographer, personal finance writer, podcaster, passionate home chef and baker, and an academic librarian.

I’ve been called a “Jack of All Trades and a Master of None” my entire life and this is a place to explore all things I am learning or experiencing in life. You’ll get a new post every sometimes and you may never know what you’ll get.

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Freelance and Ghost Writing

Whether you’re in need of polishing pages on your website or writing a research-based article, I’m here to work with you to create great content for your website.

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Podcast Editing

I have learned the art of a successful podcast show via editing the great content I produce! If you’re interested in starting a podcast, but don’t have time to edit your episodes and publish them, I’m here to help you get your content out to the world. Contact me for more pricing information.

Podcast Sponsorships

Kate is seeking a podcast sponsor to support the creation of the Lifelong Learning Podcast. Sponsorship includes as nofollow link to your brand on each episode’s post as well as a shout-out to your brand in each sponsored episode to our listeners.

Professional Portraits – Kate Nesi Photography

Do you need updated headshots for your website or a professional brand shot across social platforms? I have over a decade of experience so contact me for more info today!

Website or Blog Design & Setup

Are you at a loss when it comes to setting up your blog or a new website? I have over a decade of experience working with platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Domain Hosting, etc. and am here to help. Contact me for more pricing information.

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